District Offices - 1621 Riverton Road Cinnaminson, NJ 08077

Cinnaminson Fire District 

​The Board of Fire Commissioners of Cinnaminson Fire Department of Cinnaminson, N.J., herein referred to as the Board, has established a goal to provide the best fire protection possible to residents and those who work and travel in the fire district.  This protection is financed by the taxpayers of Cinnaminson. Every effort will be made to provide service in a cost effective manner. Fire Prevention is the first step in providing safety for our residents and businesses. The mission of education, inspection and enforcement is provided by the Bureau of Fire Prevention.  The Board supports and staffs this important program so that hazards leading to fires can be eliminated.

Cinnaminson Fire District Commissioners


Chairman- Patrick Richards

Vice Chairman- Roger Butler

Clerk- Louis Vitsas

Treasurer- Danny Norman
Deputy Treasurer/Deputy Clerk- Richard L. Dietrich


Fire District Administrator- William Kramer, Jr.

Business Manager- Jean Dietrick 

District Office Hours of Operation 

Hours of Operation Monday-Friday 8-4:30


1621 Riverton Road

Cinnaminson NJ 08077

Business Phone: (856) 829-5220

Fire District Administrator- William Kramer, Jr.

Chairman- Patrick Richards

Vice Chairman- Rodger Butler

Business Manager- Jean Dietrick

Treasurer- Danny Norman

Clerk- Louis Vitsas

Assistant Clerk/AssistantTreasurer- Richard Dietrich