District Offices - 1621 Riverton Road Cinnaminson, NJ 08077

The Open Public Records Act (OPRA) requires that records custodians respond to and fulfill OPRA records request in accordance with the law. Please refer to the information contained on this page for a full understanding of the process for requesting records from the Cinnaminson Fire District. 

All OPRA requests for records from the Cinnaminson Fire District must be requested on the from provided

from the link below. Please click on the below link to download the form to your computer.

Next Open the form and fill in all the required fields and save the form to your computer so you have a copy for your reference. 

Cinnaminson Fire District OPRA Request Form 

Once you have the form completed and saved on your computer you will need to submit the request to the

Cinnaminson Fire District, please use the form below to do so.

Please enter all required information and attach the completed OPRA Request.

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We have received your records request! Thank you.
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In the event you cannot download the form or need technical assistance please email opra_request@cinnaminsonfire.org