District Offices - 1621 Riverton Road Cinnaminson, NJ 08077

Station 202 is located at 1900 Taylors Lane Cinnaminson NJ 08077. This station houses one engine and one ladder truck. This house is staffed by a duty crew from 7pm to 6am. 

Station 202 History

In the spring of 1934 a few men sitting on the front porch of Del Thompson's house at 504 North Randolph Avenue, in the East Riverton section of Cinnaminson Township were talking about the fact that this sec tion of town is not really protected against fire like it should be.

Ten men according to the Charter signed the papers of incorporation namely, Delmar P. Thompson, Walter Hanson, Robert Fichter, Thomas McCoog, Sr., Albert Schukar, Edward Sotham, Joseph Morris, Edward Morris, Joseph McCoog and William Mcllhenny.

The men used the house on 504 North Randolph Avenue as their office until the firehouse was built.

The "Town Fathers" would not recognize this newly formed fire company until they had a full year under their belt. However, they did agree to give them $250.00 for their operation costs and would double it if they lasted past the first year. The new fire company was given a fire truck from in Pennsylvania.

The Delaware Fire Company had its problems like any other company just starting out. They did not want Riverton Fire Department responding to the East Riverton section. When Riverton came in to fight a fire, members of the Delaware Fire Company cut off their hoses from the hydrant using a fire axe.

In order to raise money to run this new fire company the members would pay $ .10 for chair rental when attending the company meetings. They also ran carnivals, dinners, social nights, turkey festivals, and they even had a softball team back in the middle 30's. Strangely enough, their colors were green and white.Some 40 years later the newer fire company also had a softball team with green and white shirts not knowing what colors were even used back in the 30's. Today, two shirts hang in the tyophy case at the fire house, one from 1934 , the other from 1975.